These recent years have shone a light on the disrepair in many of our schools. The environment where our kids spend their days affects their learning. The most recent publicly available data by school from the Ministry of Education are from 2017 and list over $90 million in repair needs for our local schools, but it isn’t made clear what these numbers represent. The list below shows the most recently disclosed repair costs associated with your local school in our community. As your trustee, I would advocate for more transparency and accountability about the repairs needed in our schools to help ensure our kids are learning in safe, comfortable conditions.

Some repair needs are higher priority than others, ranging in urgency from new paint to boiler renewal.

Schools Represented by Trustee for 6&11

Britannia Public School – $763,542
Champlain Trail Public School – $1,775,960
David Leeder Middle School – $544,011
Derry West Village Public School – $1,278,958
Dolphin Senior Public School – $2,801,404
Edenrose Public School – $3,176,475
Ellengale Public School – $2,763,895
Fairwind Senior Public School – $6,591,057
Fallingbrook Middle School – $2,523,238
Hazel McCallion Senior Public School – $5,877,254
Levi Creek Public School – $1,586,302
McBride Avenue Public School – $5,257,970
Meadowvale Village Public School – $328,333
Middlebury Public School – $2,491,925
Mississauga Secondary School – $785,951
Queenston Drive Public School – $6,422,676
Ray Underhill Public School – no data
Rick Hansen Secondary School – $3,198,359
Sherwood Mills Public School – $443,219
Springfield Public School – $3,034,831
Streetsville Secondary School – $10,001,652
The Woodlands Middle School – no data
The Woodlands Secondary School – $13,912,940
Thomas Street Middle School – $2,081,134
Vista Heights Public School – $5,908,760
Whitehorn Public School – $4,232,512
Willow Way Public School – $3,664,051

TOTAL – $91,446,409*

* Dollar figures as provided by the Ministry of Education in fall 2017. More recent data have not been made public.
Thank you to Fix Our Schools, a grassroots organization that has been advocating for safe, healthy, and well-maintained schools in Ontario since 2014.