Dear Neighbour,

These last few years have asked a lot of all of us. As we’ve all worked to adapt to these strange times, our kids have lost too much while learning has been interrupted. Looking forward, it’s time to work together towards our shared goals in ensuring access to quality public education for every child in our community. Our board has been under ministry supervision since 2020 due to dysfunction and inequity, and the years ahead will require everyone involved to come together for the well-being of all students in Peel. There’s more work to do.

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot, but we had access to great education through our public system, and the opportunities opened up by our schools need to be supported and protected for all our children. As we adjust from the pandemic, I’m here to work together for better for my kids and yours, and the future of our region. I know how much is at stake and I hope to have your support.

What Do Trustees Do?

A school trustee is your locally elected representative in education, advocating for your community’s needs and working to maintain “a focus on student achievement, well-being and equity”. Learn more about a trustee’s role here.

Parent and community engagement

We can’t represent people if we aren’t hearing from them, and transparency and accountability are vital. Our schools help shape our kids’ futures and your perspective matters. As your trustee, I’ll work to keep you informed and bring your voice back to education.

What’s most important to you? Reach out and let me know, and let’s talk.

student-centred advocacy

Many students are facing new obstacles as a result of the pandemic, and many were already confronting additional barriers. Working with families and our community we can ensure we’re putting the needs of students first and helping to bridge gaps in equity, accessibility, and opportunity.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education issued 27 directives to the Peel board “with specific focus on eradicating anti-Black racism and inequities”. The work to ensure safe, welcoming learning environments, unlimited by discrimination, for all Peel students continues, and progress on the directives can be found at this dashboard.

high Learning standards

Public education offers our kids solid ground to stand on and grow from, and maintaining high standards for student achievement and well-being helps ensure all of our students have access to the quality learning experience they need to succeed and thrive.

Infrastructure Planning

These recent years have shone a light on the disrepair in many of our schools. The environment where our kids spend their days affects their learning. The most recent publicly available data by school from the Ministry of Education are from 2017 and list over $90 million in repair needs for our local schools, but it isn’t made clear what these numbers represent. Click here to see the most recently disclosed repair costs associated with your local school in our community. As your trustee, I would advocate for more transparency and accountability about the repairs needed in our schools to help ensure our kids are learning in safe, comfortable conditions.

Pandemic Recovery

The last three years of our kids’ learning have been interrupted by COVID-19. While we’ve all been affected, we haven’t all been affected the same way. Moving forward, it’s vital that we address additional challenges created by the pandemic and work to provide our all students with more stability and the opportunity to thrive.

Wards 6 & 11 Map and schools served

Britannia Public School
Champlain Trail Public School
David Leeder Middle School
Derry West Village Public School
Dolphin Senior Public School
Edenrose Public School
Ellengale Public School
Fairwind Senior Public School
Fallingbrook Middle School
Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Levi Creek Public School
McBride Avenue Public School
Meadowvale Village Public School
Middlebury Public School
Mississauga Secondary School
Queenston Drive Public School
Ray Underhill Public School
Rick Hansen Secondary School
Sherwood Mills Public School
Springfield Public School
Streetsville Secondary School
The Woodlands Middle School
The Woodlands Secondary School
Thomas Street Middle School
Vista Heights Public School
Whitehorn Public School
Willow Way Public School